Kaleydos Portfolio


Click2giv is a startup that through the use of different technologies wants to empower people who support social projects, so they can do even more! We believe that technology brings people together and that coupled with good intentions can transform people and the world.

We are currently developing tools that enable donations to social projects through purchasing goods online and physical retail, provoking marketing related to social causes in different ways and fostering the financial resources for social projects.

The idea is to enable easy and quickly access for consumers to numerous products and services, and through their purchases revert part of it to selected social projects that truly generate social impact.

Click2giv is an open and free platform for social projects that seeks to impact as many social organizations and people as possible.

Since its launch, our platform has already been used by more than 70 social projects from different regions in Brazil: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, Pernambuco, Recife, among others that develop and support social causes related to sports, education, health, culture, etc.

Visit our platform, find a project that touches your heart and make your contribution!


LIVING IN A SUSTAINABLE WAY: Plant and build with bamboo!

Bambuzeria, in partnership with TAO Bambu, is a company dedicated to the commercialization of bamboo-made products. Its aim is to transform this raw material in a financially healthy business anchored in innovative possibilities for sustainable production.

The target audience is mostly architects, engineers, decorators, landscapers and anyone who sees bamboo as something beneficial to their life, through planting or building.

Currently, Bambuzeria offers bamboo seedlings and various species OF treated bamboo sticks. New products will be released soon.

Brasa Solidária

Brasa Solidária has developed a technological and innovative solution to address the correct destination of the polluting waste generated by the production of eucalyptus coal. The coal produced by the company is of high performance when compared to conventional coal: it has a longer-lasting firing duration, higher heat intensity and emits less smoke. The burning residue can be used as fertilizers and bactericides.

The company created a new energy matrix with the use of coal-polluting waste and a new socio-environmental model through the selection and training of people facing social vulnerability, without prospects of accessing the formal labor market. It also collaborates with the Brazilian National Policy for Solid Waste and acts as a reverse logistics agent.

Estopa Social

Estopa Social has created an innovative solution for producing a type of oakum whose main raw material is textile waste discarded by the garment industry. The company developed a low-cost machine model capable of high productivity and with superior quality in relation to existing products in the market.

The business generates a great socio-environmental impact: its workforce is centered in people facing social vulnerability and who are being trained and reinserted in the formal labor market. In addition, the product is aligned with Brazilian National Policy for Solid Waste.