Who we are and what we want

Kaleydos, an initiative of the Jatobás Institute, is a platform for investment and development of solutions and businesses that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

One of our main objectives is to help innovative businesses in the challenge to optimize the impact of their value chains as well as to support startup businesses.

We search and select early stage impact startups, aligned with one or more SDGs, with feasibility and scalability potential, measurable socio-environmental impact, and innovative business models.

Kaleydos believes in working practices and learning anchored in networks´ models and the strength and potential of partnerships with ecosystem´s actors. Our intention is to contribute to develop a “sub ecosystem” around analysis, support and joint investment in early stage impact businesses. We are interested in exploring synergies with other organizations to jointly achieve greater robustness in impact business models, enhance the pipeline of promising business, and leverage co-investment opportunities (also beyond the early stage) through financial instruments tailored case-by-case, such as equity participation or convertible debt.

For us the financial return and positive social impact of our portfolio have the same importance. Our great differential is to invest in companies in their initial stage, helping impact entrepreneurs to validate their hypotheses and insert their solution in the market, through a customized incubation program and capital offer.